What We’ve Done

We’ve made schools a safer place for those living with food allergies

Through our efforts that began by Caroline’s mother, sister, aunt, and a handful of nursing friends going classroom to classroom at Rothesay High School, has evolved into a Nationwide program in collaboration with Food Allergy Canada. Our program ensures that every teacher will have access to the resources needed to properly educate themselves, as well as their students about the importance of allergy awareness and what to do in case of an emergency. Awareness and change begins with our youth, and this is why we chose to begin our allergy advocacy with children. 

We’ve organized an annual run to bring families in the community together

Our first run back in 2014 was truly a testament to how a community can come together in grief to honour a little 14 year old girl. Each year you can truly get lost in a sea of purple, of family and friends, of people who didn’t even know Caroline; but still care about her story. This year will be our 10th annual run, and to mark a decade of runs, we hope that this one will be bigger and better than all before it. We hope to see you there, you can read more about it here.

We award scholarships to students who take an initiative to promote allergy awareness

Each year, we open up scholarship applications to students attending post-secondary who have been trailblazers in the allergy community. Students continue to amaze us with their creativity, dedication to raising awareness, and leadership as they help to save lives in their own communities. If you or someone you know is a student and has led an allergy awareness initiative, fill out our scholarship form here.

We have made Rothesay, New Brunswick the “Most Allergy Aware Community in the World”

Rothesay, New Brunswick. What is just a small town of under 12,000 people has shown how strong their dedication is to allergy awareness and creating a safe and inclusive community where people with food allergies can manage confidently. Being dubbed the “Most Allergy Aware Community in the World” is no small feat, every school in the town has been taught to recognize the signs and symptoms of severe allergic reactions, and how to administer life-saving epinephrine. Organizations in Rothesay have reached out and been educated through community education, and people of all ages speak openly about food allergies and their importance. We are so incredibly proud of the community we live in!

We are beginning to educate restaurant staff

Our newest initiative has been introducing food allergy awareness, education, and training in restaurants. Our new committee is currently developing an in-depth program targeted at the unique hazards that exist for those with food allergies in restaurants. Stay tuned to hear more about our newest project!

We advocate for those living with food allergies

Every day, and with everything we do, it is our goal to make the world a safer place for those with food allergies. The ability for those who live with food allergies to feel confident and safe is a responsibility that we all share, and we must all work together to break the stigma surrounding allergies, help our friends and family; so that at the end of the day, everyone gets to go home to their families.