Over the past nine years, the Sweet Caroline Foundation has devoted itself to raising awareness and educating thousands about food allergies and anaphylaxis. From school and workplace, to community and summer camps, we have provided lifesaving training to people all across New Brunswick. In early 2022, we launched a pilot program in partnership with Food Allergy Canada that was integrated into the school curriculum nationally; ensuring that every child will know how to save a life. With your continuing support, we have, and will continue to save lives!

Why do we do this? Because Caroline’s story is NOT unique. 1 in 13 children, and 1 in 10 adults have been diagnosed with a food allergy in Canada, and it is our goal to prevent death and disability from allergic reactions. When families, friends, teachers, coaches, camp staff, etc. are aware and trained on how to treat allergic reactions, lives will be saved. We know this is already happening in our community from feedback that we have received. Thanks to your support, we have already saved the lives of people like Caroline.