About Us

Mission Statement

The Sweet Caroline Foundation supports community awareness, education, research, and the availability of life saving treatment in our relentless pursuit to end death and disability caused by anaphylaxis.

About the Foundation

The Sweet Caroline Foundation was started in remembrance of Caroline Lorette, who tragically passed away at the age of 14 after having an allergic reaction to dairy. The Foundation is dedicated to promoting allergy awareness, and offers allergy education programming for schools and organizations, as well as a scholarship awarded to students who develop and implement innovative ideas to bring awareness and education to students, adults and the general public. Six one-thousand dollar scholarships were awarded in June 2015 to six deserving applicants. It is our goal to spread the word about allergy awareness – educating staff and students in area schools, educating the public at wellness fairs and other events, and working toward having epinephrine available in public places. Caroline is with us every step of this journey. To find out more on how to apply for a scholarship please contact us.


We decided to name the foundation the Sweet Caroline Foundation because Caroline Lorette truly was a sweet and wonderful girl. Her parents, Janet and David Lorette, and her sister Katherine, could think of no better way to remember their Sweet Caroline, than to create a foundation that continues her legacy while helping to create a safer place for those living with allergies. In Caroline’s sweet memory, they persevere. We chose purple as the foundation’s signature colour because it was Caroline’s favourite – and because many family members and friends choose to wear this colour in Caroline’s memory, knowing that she would be thrilled to see it. Wearing purple clothing at foundation events has already become a tradition – from a sea of 900 teachers at a back-to-school meeting, all wearing purple to show their support for more allergy education in our schools, to crazy purple outfits at the Sweet Caroline Run, and Purple Days at area schools – many people in our community now associate purple with our sweet Caroline.

About Caroline

Caroline Lorette was a happy girl. Innocent, giggly, and smiling – she shared her enthusiasm for life with those around her. She never allowed her allergies to tie her down or hold her back. She loved to travel, and as difficult as it often was to find food for her to eat, Caroline insisted on participating in any adventure. Caroline loved her family. She looked up to her big sister Katherine as a role model and as a best friend. The girls were as close as any sisters could be, and their lives and personalities were intertwined through dance, kayaking, and simply enjoying each other’s company. Caroline also loved playing with her little cousins and spent as much time with them as she could. Caroline was full of energy, and she would help whenever and wherever it was needed. She was an athletic, strong, smart, and sweet teen who enjoyed each day to its fullest. She kayaked competitively, played competitive soccer, and was a proud member of the New Brunswick Highland Dancing team. Caroline loved to run – and boy, she was fast! Caroline never bragged about her accomplishments – she simply shared her enthusiasm for life with those around her. She bounced from person to person, making everyone feel as though they were special to her…because they were. The Sweet Caroline Foundation tries to bring these same qualities to the work we do. We like to do things the way Caroline would have done them.